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The Minnesota ​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897-Incorporated1897

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The Minnesota

​Territorial Pioneers

Established May 11, 1897 – Incorporated 1924

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What do you know about this recipe? Where did this recipe come from? For instance, what’s its country of origin? Was it from a recipe book? Was it prepared for a special occasion, etc.

You don’t have to be a member of MTP to submit a recipe for our new cookbook!  Preserve your favorite family recipes by submitting them for this new collection being compiled by the Minnesota Territorial Pioneers. We’re looking for family recipes, not those you found in your favorite cookbook that may be copyrighted by the author.  We’re also looking for helpful hints – share your “accumulated wisdom” on how to handle stains, streak-free window washing, de-skunkifying your dog, the possibilities are endless!

You can submit them using the form below, or email or post them to our office address listed to the right. Selected recipes will be included of our next edition of the MTP cookbook being prepared to be sold at the 2017 state fair. Thanks for your help!